Seal & Valve Services UK Ltd specialise in the service of complete valve blocks.

24hr callout.

The whole of the matrix can be stripped and serviced as a unit.

24hr helpline.

This enables all seat ring seals to be changed at the same time.

We offer site surveys to establish valve registers and can also offer advice on recommended stock levels.



One Response to Services

  1. ALAN CARNAHAN says:

    I have had an enquiry from a distillery to overhaul a Tuchenhagen valve block attached to a Yeast Plant.
    Distillery is in Stirling area.
    Is this something you can do and if so approx. how much would this cost.
    Unfortunately we do not have the tools or the spares to carry out this project.
    I thought perhaps we could suggest client comes direct to yourselves.
    We are specialist fabricators of stainless steel pipework for food and drinks industry.

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